Journeyman and Master Electrical License Exam Prep

Our online course is everything you need to pass your Journeyman or Master Electrician exam the FIRST time!


Less than 33% of electricians pass the Texas state exam!

Source: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Austin, TX, 2020


More than 97% of our customers pass the Texas state exam on their very first try...and you can too!

Exam Prep designed specifically for the TEXAS exam!

Journeyman and Master Electrical License Exam Prep

Texas Format

Practice test are organized EXACTLY like the real-world exam. Same total questions. Same total time. Same question type. Same code categories. And the same weight of questions by topic.

Texas Topics

Our sample tests cover the exact same topics, and the topics are weighted exactly as they are in the actual TX exam. Don't waste your time studying material that isn't covered on the actual exam.

Texas Time

Our sample tests give you exactly the same amount of time as your actual TX test does. Why is this important? Because what good does it do to know the material if you can't answer the questions fast enough to finish the exam?

Texas Code Version

When Texas switches to the 2020 NEC®, we will automatically update our course too. You don't need to do anything to stay current.

Texas Journeyman Course

Our Journeyman Course is structured just like the Texas Journeyman Electrician Exam. It has 80 scored questions, allows 240 minutes, and has a passing score of 70% correct.

Texas Master Course Includes Both The Knowledge and Calculation Test Portions

Our Master Course is structured just like the Texas Master Electrician Exam and includes individual tests for both portions.:
- NEC Knowledge
The NEC Knowledge Portion has 70 scored knowledge questions, allows 150 minutes, and has a passing score of 70% correct.
- Calculations
The Calculations Portion has 30 scored calculation questions, allows 170 minutes, and has a passing score of 70% correct.


80% of people fail because they are TOO SLOW.

In our experience…more than 80% of people who fail their exam actually know the material. They just cannot come up with the correct answer fast enough.

Did You Know?

Taking an 80-question, 4-hour exam, you have only 3 minutes to come up with each and every correct answer… whether it’s a simple definition or a 12-step service load calculation.

Increase your speed dramatically.

We show you how to use the index to move to the appropriate code section and any needed tables to come up the answers with amazing speed.

Our Powerful Features for Make it Easy!

Get all these features and some bonuses.

  • Specific practice on each chapter/section of the code
  • Diagnostic test
  • Randomized tests drawn from question base
  • Take tests over and over until completely confident
  • Save work and return later
  • Graphical navigation bar — see all marked, answered, correct, and incorrect questions at a glance. See which questions you have answered and which you haven’t, and navigate throughout the entire test easily and quickly
  • You get two chances to answer questions
  • Hints for incorrect answers are included
  • Complete step-by-step explanations for every question

What to expect

Diagnostic Exams:

Diagnostic exams are timed and graded, and your results are analyzed for areas of improvement. Test questions are randomized each time so you can practice over and over.


Detailed results are given showing your strengths and weaknesses that will leave no doubt to focus your study. Retake the test as many times as you want with a new set of questions each time.

Study quizes:

Study quizzes are presented for each and every chapter to drill down on the exact areas where you are weak. You get unlimited time to take tests, hints when you get stuck, and the step-by-step solution to every question.

All calculations covered in detail:

• Raceway and Box Calculations
• Conductor Sizing and Protection Calculations
• Motor and Air-Conditioning Calculations
• Voltage-Drop Calculations
• Dwelling Unit Calculations
• Multifamily Dwelling Calculations • Commercial Calculations • Transformer Calculations

speed drill

Jeopardy-style memory game: Use the fast paced Speed Drill game to become an expert on using the NEC® Table Of Contents to skip the index and jump directly to the correct location in the NEC®.


Step-by-step solutions in complete detail...so you know exactly what to do and exactly why to do it.

  • The reasoning for every answer to  every question is explained to you in excruciating detail.

  • Our Exam Prep program tells you exactly how to come up with the answer, every time.

  • No ambiguity and no wasted time.


"I had failed the journeyman's exam
3 times [prior to using your software].

“I’d go back to the training center they would keep testing me.
Never pinpointing anything. I have been able to figure out through your program where my week points are. I will pass it next time.” 

Texas-specific Exam Prep

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TEXAS Journeyman
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Prep for the Texas Electrical NEC® License exam.
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